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Facebook may have, of course, chose “Every single United State” under “Area.” If you need a worldwide perspective of your Facebook Page fans, drift over “Every United State” and tap on the cross.

Presently, we should discover who your Facebook Pages fans are!

Under the “Socioeconomics” tab, you can get the accompanying data:

  • Age and sexual orientation appropriation
  • Way of life
  • Relationship status
  • Training level
  • Occupation title

Under the “Page Likes” tab, you can get the accompanying data:

Top classes that your fans may like

Pages that your fans may like

Under the “Areas” tab, you can get the accompanying data:

  • Top urban communities
  • Top nations
  • Top dialects

Here’s the other data you can delve into:

  • Action – as in Facebook exercises and their gadget utilization
  • Family unit – as in family estimate, wage, and so forth.
  • Buy – as in buy conduct

Family unit and buy data is accessible for gatherings of people in the U.S. as of now.

You can get a decent comprehension of your Facebook fans from this data. For instance, this is what I found about Buffer’s Facebook Page fans:

As far as age, the greatest gathering (45 percent) is individuals between 25 to 34.

We have marginally more male (57 percent) than female fans (43 percent).

The vast majority of them work in “Administration,” “Deals,” “Expressions, Entertainment, Sports and Media.”

They likewise like programming and web organizations like Hootsuite, MailChimp and Social Media Examiner.

As far as area, the greatest gathering is individuals in the U.S. (31 percent), trailed by individuals in the U.K. (9 percent).

What did you discover about your Facebook fans?


Page Insights: When your fans are online

Other than knowing your Facebook fans’ socioeconomics, interests and areas, you can likewise discover when they are utilizing Facebook in a regular week and day.

In your Page Insights, under the “Post” tab, you have an area called “When Your Fans Are Online.” (It should like the screenshot above.)

Under the segment, “Days,” you’ll perceive what number of your fans are dynamic on Facebook on a given day. Under the segment, “Times,” you’ll perceive what number of your fans are dynamic on Facebook amid every hour on a run of the mill day. This is an extraordinary method to locate your best circumstances to post.

The majority of our fans appear to be on Facebook each day of the week. On a normal day, they have a tendency to be most dynamic between 12 p.m. what’s more, 9 p.m. EDT. What about your fans?

Chart Search: Other Pages that your fans Like

While Audience Insights tells you the Pages your fans might like, Facebook’s Graph Search can tell you the Pages they have Liked.

To do this, type “pages like by people who like (your Page name)” on the search bar at the top of any Facebook page.

In the results, there’ll be a section, “Pages liked by people who like (your Page name).” As the section title suggests, those are the Pages like by your Facebook Page fans. One thing to note is that the results seem to prioritize your friends. So essentially, these are Pages liked by your friends who also Liked your Facebook Page.

So what do you know about your Facebook Page fans now?


Instagram Insights: Demographics, location and more

With a business profile on Instagram, the best way to learn about your followers is through Instagram Insights — Instagram’s free native analytics. (If you don’t have a business profile and want to convert, here’s how. If you don’t want to convert, read the next section.)

Here’s how to access your followers’ information in Instagram Insights:

  1. Tap on your profile photo in the lower-right corner of the mobile app
  2. Tap on the analytics button (the chart icon)
  3. Scroll down to the “Followers” section and tap on “See more”

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Here’s the information about your Instagram followers that you can get from your Instagram Insights:

  • Gender distribution
  • Age range distribution (men and women)
  • Top locations (cities and countries)
  • Times and days when your followers are most active

Tip: If you tap on the bar charts for age range and location, the percentages will be revealed.

Our Instagram followers are quite similar to our Facebook Page fans.

  • We have slightly more male (52 percent) than female followers (48 percent).
  • In terms of age, the biggest group (45 percent) is people between 25 to 34.
  • In terms of location, the biggest group is people in the U.S. (38 percent), followed by people in the U.K. (8 percent).
  • They are most active on Tuesday and Wednesday on a typical week and between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. for most days.

How does this compare to your Instagram followers?

The follower information in Instagram Insights doesn’t tell you your followers’ interests. A way to figure this out is to look at your top posts. In the third step above, instead of tapping on “See more” in the “Followers” section, tap on “See more” in the “Posts” section.

Here, you’ll find your top posts by impressions — the total number of times that each post has been seen. I would recommend filtering your top posts by engagement, instead, to find out which types of posts your followers like to engage with. To change the filter, tap on “Impressions” at the top and select “Engagement.”

Sometimes, it might not be immediately obvious which type of posts your followers like. In such cases, you could make hypotheses, test a few types of posts and see what works.

Social Rank: Interests, activity and more

If you don’t have a business profile on Instagram or prefer not to convert, you could use free Instagram tools like Social Rank.

Once you have connected your Instagram account to Social Rank, click on “Show Summary” in the top-center of the page. Here, Social Rank will show you the many different information about your followers, such as the following:

  • Gender distribution
  • Top followers locations
  • Popular bio words
  • Popular hashtags
  • Popular time to post
  • Followers distribution (how many followers your audience has)

The information under “Popular bio words” and “Popular hashtags” might reveal the interests, job title or industry of your Instagram followers. For example, our Instagram followers like to use words like “marketing,” “social” and “media” in their bio, which is what our ideal audience does — social media marketing.

The “Popular time to post” section shows you the times your followers are posting, which is when they are online and when it might be best for you to post.

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