A Cummerbund for a Perfect Look

articlesxpert Cummerbund

Articlesxpert – A cummerbund is a piece of cloth that is worn around waists by men. It has got its roots in India. A scarf was worn by the men during olden days to support their waist. These cummerbunds have gained a worldwide popularity when the British were ruling India. The Britishers were left spellbound by the features provided by these tiny pieces of cloth tied around the waist. What were scarves initially later turned to be cummerbunds when the practice of wearing them were Westernised. Literally, it means “on loan”, which originated from the Persian scripts. The word “Bund” has been derived from Band, which means, “to close” and the word “cummer” has got its roots in the word kamar, meaning “waist”.

The History of the Cummerbund

articlesxpert Cummerbund

People in India used to wear cummerbunds for convenience rather than for the purpose of wearing them for style. The cloth will be dense as it is meant to carry several small items in it.  The history of the cummerbund. Why do men wear a cummerbund at black tie attire events. Reach about how to wear a cummerbund.

articlesxpert Cummerbund  history

A cummerbund is seen as a general outfit that will go down for any of the occasion, either formal or casual. However, the combinations being chosen in case of the other accessories must be ideal. For men, who would like to appear trendy, they can choose it as a prom. However, make sure that you never a cummerbund while heading for a party wearing a tie. This is because of the fact that certain combinations will never work.

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If you are planning to buy a cummerbunds for wedding, you need to select one carefully. The first aspect is that you must be able to wear it in a easy way. As weddings are gracious occasions, you should prefer a cummerbund made of a plain cloth. Never go for flashy ones. As for the designs, you can select milder ones. Also, ensure that it is not too tight upon your waist. An ideal combination to follow is that it should be able to match your other accessories such as bow tie and shoes. If you would like to wear a blazer, select a black coloured one. Wear a white shirt and red colour cummerbund will look absolutely fantastic.

A cummerbund can be used for sporting activities also. You can use it conveniently use it for scuba diving. It gives a lot of support for your body while you are performing acts such as diving and surfing. You can find many trendy cummerbunds at any of the major stores that sell quality pieces. Free article for SEO at articlesxpert

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