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One of the biggest complaints of business owners today is the cold hard fact that they are not attracting enough new Business Strategic.

Whenever I hear these complaints, I start asking many questions to get to the bottom of things. Maybe they have a fear of marketing that is preventing the growth of the business.

There are ten questions that I usually ask a Business Strategic leader to find out what is stopping them growing their company.

These questions cause the individuals to take a step back and think strategically about what they can do to grow their company. I will list these ten questions below.

  1. Are you afraid of being rejected if you attempt to market your business or even yourself?
  2. Does public speaking scare you especially when you are speaking about your business or yourself as a leader in your business?
  3. Are you scared to death to get on the phone and call someone you have never met before and talk to them about your business and how it can help them?
  4. Have you ever asked your current and past clients for referrals to help generate new business? If you haven’t, are you afraid to ask them?
  5. Do you fear asking your clients for testimonials to use in your marketing materials or on your website?
  6. Have you ever taking the time to write up a strategic marketing plan to help grow your business?
  7. Is your biggest fear being labeled as a salesman?
  8. Are you afraid of spending money and time on marketing for your business? Does frighten you to know that you will be held accountable for every marketing dollar spent?
  9. Are you scared of making an error in a presentation and fear that it will turn away potential clients?
  10. Are you afraid of being held accountable for the time and money you spend on marketing your business?
  11. Are you afraid of making an error and not making a perfect presentation?
  12. Are you scared of being viewed as  unqualified to run your company if you don’t always have the answers to questions that are asked immediately?

I can personally tell you that if you answered yes to any of these questions, you have given yourself an excuse in your mind to not push your business and take it to the next level.

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To attract new business, you constantly need to be thinking strategically at all times about these questions. Overcome your fears and work with a business coach and you will be getting more business than you can handle.

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